Pressure cookers are becoming more and more popular among cooks because of their faster cooking and energy efficiency. However, they also have a reputation for causing explosions in the kitchen. You might be aware of the stories of the lids coming off and gravy splattering everywhere including the kitchen ceiling and the floor. Many users are still reluctant in using pressure cookers owing to these horror stories. The fact of the matter is that the pressure cookers associated with these stories were old, conventional pressure cookers with little or no safety mechanisms in them to prevent the explosions. Pressure cookers have evolved to a massive degree since their invention somewhere in the 1940s.

The modern day pressure cookers are different from their initial versions in numerous ways. For starters, the intimidating hissing and rattling of the old stovetop pressure cookers would keep everyone at a safe distance. Only the expert users were brave enough to come any closer. The constant rattling of the small weight on top and the hissing of the steam escaping from the container would even cause the expert users to be very cautious. Modern pressure cookers are free from all this unnecessary noise and completely safe to use making them a suitable choice for even amateur cooks. 

Multiple safety mechanisms installed in the modern pressure cookers as opposed to conventional ones makes them completely safe as opposed to the unreliable conventional ones. A pressure regulator controls the pressure inside the cooker and ensures that it does not go beyond the intended level. There is a pressure selector dial with which you can select the desired pressure. With conventional pressure cookers, only one pressure setting was available. When the desired pressure is attained, an indicator will inform you eliminating the need of the hissing sound or the release of steam. Steam will only release if you leave it unattended for too long. This eliminates the need of the pressure weight as was the case with old pressure cookers. With old pressure cookers, you had to lift that unreliable weight to release pressure. With modern pressure cookers, you just have to turn the dial to select the pressure release option making it many times safer than the conventional pressure cookers.

Electric pressure cookers have added further convenience by the use of specialized programs to control cooking eliminating the need of the user to be in the kitchen entirely while the food is cooking. An internal heat source regulates the temperature and pressure precisely making it possible for you to select the exact cooking time or a program and then leave the cooker unsupervised to do its job. The drawback is that they are a bit slower than the stovetop pressure cookers.